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Reliable Global SMS Service For Your Business

Engage with your customers with our top quality SMS service. We can send SMS to every angle of the globe enabling your business to connect with customer worldwide. Build your promotion campaigns successfully with SMS-based strategy!

High Delivery Rate!

Increase your customer reach with our SMS delivery network! Exploit our top infrastructure interconnected with major world Carriers!

Global A-Z coverage for your SMS!

Expand your markets with our global SMS network! Send your SMS throughout the world and reach your business goals!

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Verified encoding support

Tested and guaranteed compatibility on all partner networks!

2-way communication

Add SMS‑enabled numbers from our worldwide number inventory

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Automate your business tasks

Quickly deploy your messaging application with minimal programming effort.

How It Works

SMS Service

easy way to register

ConnectiVoice provides quick registration

Activate your SMS account

Create your account with a few clicks by choosing desired currency.

Create SMS channels

Set your SMS channel and choose the type of SMS product you need.

Service alerts

Deliver critical status change notifications or service‑related messages

Marketing notifications

Plan, design and execute marketing campaigns for your customers

Appointment reminders

Help customers manage and keep track of their new and recurring appointments

Learn how quickly and easily you can implement these

Global SMS for customer communication

Integrate text messaging solutions and SMS automation tools into your existing software. Set up SMS triggers and automation workflows to enhance your business processes, streamline communication and track interactions with integrations for platforms. Our flexible SMS APIs mean we can offer a solution that evolves and scales up with your business.


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