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Intelligent solutions for your contact center

ConnectiVoice is a leading company with years of experience in technological communication solutions.

We offer a wide range of services for your contact center. Our intelligent solutions are reliable and customizable. VoIP and Cloud PBX, ConnectiVoice Dialer, SMS Service, and local DID Numbers, are our main services. Our company is focused on providing superior quality, global coverage, security and a deep media communications expertise.

Our telecommunications expertise relies on years of experience for both retail and wholesale markets leading to advanced knowledge for voice termination and SMS services. Our international network or partners is composed of multiple interconnections which give us the possibility to terminate calls in all areas of the world with high capacity and reliability. In particular we have advanced agreements for call center traffic termination which allows us to terminate large volumes of call center traffic with high quality towards A-Z destinations.

Our company, for the past years, has been agile and responsive to our customers requirements. The essence of our operating mode is to always respond quickly and meet market demands.

We also believe that partnerships is very important and this is why we always try to provide resources to help the growth of your business.

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Smart Queues
Our priority is to offer flexible solutions

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Time Optimization

Saves hours of your agents’ work by simplifying the routine process of dialing

Predict Potential Needs

Your agents will be able to predict your customers needs and objectives resulting in higher sales conversions

Smart queues

Specific leads will come only to designated agents to boost performance in sales!

Time Optimization
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