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How to handle unpredictable customer traffic?

Manage Peak Hour Traffic

Call Center traffic can differ according to the days of the week and also the timings of the day. Although it is difficult to predict this traffic, contact centers should be able to handle all the calls in a satisfactory manner, without any delays. We help you in this with our unlimited Call Center Traffic Capacity!

We are interconnected with top Tier-1 Carriers and can provide solid capacities for whatever call center traffic volumes you may have!

We have the best resources to provide you full coverage for all your center call traffic with top quality!

Add elasticity to your contact center capacity

Support agents to meet growing customer expectations and deliver the quick and efficient support they crave

Expand your Call center capacity with more confidence and peace of mind knowing that this elasticity is in place

voip service
Boost your call center traffic channels!

Increase with no limits your peak hour traffic!

Increase your ASR (Answer Seizure Rate)

Boost your ASR with no capacity issues! Exploit our Tier-1 interconnections for unlimited top quality call center traffic!

Increase your ACD (Average Call Duration)

Boost your ACD with top voice quality! Make your potential customers feel every word of your agents!

Decrease your PDD (Post Dial Delay)

Decrease your PDD and your agents waiting time! Exploit our direct interconnections with top Operators and Carriers for lowest PDD ever!

Real-time Detection of Spam CLIs

Increase your productivity by immediately detecting CLIs that are being blocked!

Load-Balance Your Traffic!

Use our cluster solutions for your call center traffic! Load-balance your calls volume for top quality with our world class voice termination capacity!

Boost your CPS (Call per Second)

Increase your CPS and therefore your productivity! Exploit our top infrastructure interconnected with major world Carriers!

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