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Our simplified hosted voice services keep your organization in sync – no more glitches or disruptions. Experience high-quality voice calls internationally.

hosted voice services
Auto Dialer

Our innovative technology will boost your team’s sales potential and connect your agents to new customers using intelligent features and all-new dynamic lead scoring that increases call conversion rates.

DID Numbers

National and worldwide DID numbers are irreplaceable resources to a trade. DID numbers have advanced from basically being a cost-free way of interfacing buyers with businesses and organizations

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Powerful Communication for Successful Sales and Retention

For years, ConnectiVoice mission has been to provide its customers the latest communication technologies. Our goal is to design the best solution for your contact center, giving you the possibility to offer quality service and increase your sales. With global coverage and advanced technology solutions designed according to your request, we provide you guaranteed success.


We offer customizable cloud-based contact center solutions

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Our team of experts provides support for any business case

No more long distances for your calls!

With VoIP technologies, every call is a local call

Highest security standards

We give you reliable resources

Time Management

We offer specialized plans tailored to your specific needs

Featured Services

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Define which services you need

What telephone number do you need? Defining your exact calling needs will make it simpler when looking at plans.

Establish a budget

With your set financial plan and calling needs as a main priority, you can without much effort find which plan serves to your needs.

Choose Our Premium Services

We offer premium A-Z voice termination services to both landline and mobile destinations worldwide with highly competitive rates.

A wide range of solutions for your business

Providing Superior
Contact Center Solutions

Connectivoice offers excellent services to contact centers and businesses that would like to reach a large audience not only locally but also on a global level.

ConnectiVoice Dialing Systems

We offer automated dialing solutions that can help your business by expanding your activity's volume of outbound calls

SMS Service

Keep in touch with your customers by using the most common and convenient means of digital communication. We guarantee the highest quality SMS service.

A-Z SIP Trunks

We offer powerful A-Z SIP trunk solutions, ensuring excellent audio quality and ultra-high availability.

Call Center Traffic

Call centers struggle to reduce waiting time and increase productivity. We provide full telecommunication capacities for high calling loads and intelligent dialer software to optimize agents' time.

Hosted IP PBX

Optimize your customers’ communication with our intelligent, user-friendly hosted Cloud IP-PBX, a highly customizable and feature-rich solution.

Predictive Dialing Software

Our intelligent Dialer Software performs efficient predictive dialing and maximizes agents' productivity. No worries for idle time!

DID Numbers

We provide reliable virtual local numbers for inbound and outbound calls, improving your local business presence in 140 countries.

Customized CRM Solutions

Customized CRM Solutions for all categories of customers! We tailor our solutions to any kind of business scenario!

Expert Consulting

Advanced Technology solutions for an Interactive future

ConnectiVoice guides customers to success faster and more effectively and on their own terms.

The company’s SaaS platform provides intuitive, powerful and affordable solutions that enable both small businesses and enterprises to connect with customers and ensure their voice is heard at the highest level. An in-house executive management team with decades of experience in the telecom and technology industry, all with specific expertise in telecommunications and applications, brings unrivaled expertise, experience and knowledge to ConnectiVoice’s clients.

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